What's on your plate ?

So the other night I was online just roaming around reading different posts of twitter before bedtime and I came across one of the most disturbing posts I've ever seen. It was from one of my followers who happens to be vegan. It was a video showing animal cruelty that happens in slaughter houses. To say that watching made me heartbroken would simply be an understatement. I made a decision at the beginning of this year to give up meat. I just felt by giving up meat it would overall make me more healthy, be easier on my digestive system, and would also be doing my part to help with sustainability on earth. After eating completely meat free since January the only meat I consume now, is fish. Quitting meat cold turkey ( see what I did right there) wasn't much of an issue but I did notice that I caught colds more often. So supplementing in fish was a must for me. However at this point I definitely do not want to eat chicken, beef, pork, etc any other type of animal.This decision is mostly because of my home personal convictions which I may, or may not discuss at a later date. But back to this disturbing video I came across. I mean honestly I don't expect everyone to stop eating meat, especially not in America. I've heard/seen, so many people get freaked out at the fact that I don't have a diet composed of beef, chicken, turkey, etc. It's almost like in this country if you don't eat meat, your not American. So my voyage of finding yums that are meat free has taken me to the Mediterranean where there are plenty of meat free options to be found. I think that if your going to consume meat, you should at the very least cultivate/kill/etc your food as humanely as possible. From what I saw in this video it doesn't appear to be the case in some if not most slaughter houses. Watch below

Honestly I feel like to watch an animal suffer in excruciating pain and be indifferent about it, is sick. If you have to eat meat, is there not a way to do humanely and as pain free as possible ?
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