Being Environmentally Conscious

I think the first time I realized I wasn't where I needed to be mentally wise concerning the planet was visiting my b/f's family one Christmas. The family was gathered around eating and discussing different things going on in politics and otherwise. I got up to throw away my water bottle I was drinking from once it got empty and his mother asked me, if I recycled. It was honestly the beginning of many thoughts that would began to cross my mind about the environment we live in and how we conduct ourselves on this amazing place we call earth. Over the next few months that one statement would cause me to rethink many "habits" I carried from childhood into my adult life. Don't get me wrong throwing trash into the street was absolutely unacceptable as a child and I would often ridicule my classmates for throwing their trash carelessly on the ground. But at the same time going out of my mind to make sure that I was properly recycling was also not at the forefront of mind. It wasn't until I saw a series of images concerning our environment that I finally got the big picture. It is my hope that by writing this blog post and sharing some of the images I've seen that have profoundly affected me, my thoughts, and my decision to have a more conscientious effort to protect the earth and the animals of the earth which has brought me to this type of thinking.
The first two images you can see is that of a seal and turtle that has been caught in a plastic netting. I think that we have to think in terms of animals and what they can and can't do to help their situation. Seal don't have fingers to pull plastic netting off and swimming around with netting wrapped around them could result in them being trapped in corral or other other objects where they would eventually die. Takes seconds to save a life by recycling plastics or cut them apart before you discard them.
The image below shows a turtle that has grown from infancy with plastics that hold soda cans together wrapped around it's shell. Again I can't begin to physiologically begin to understand exactly what's happening with this poor turtle. Again cutting plastics before releasing them into your trash cans can help save a life.
The last image I'll show is this seabird that has died, I'm not sure of what exactly killed it, but by viewing it's skeletal remains it's easy to see that this bird has ingested quite of bit of debris/plastics.
It's my hope that seeing this post with encourage people to think twice about the ways in which they dispose of their trash and if at all possible please recycle.
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