A Poem : Black Girl Pain

I worked hard to hide my blackness,
maybe I didn't have the bills,
but as long as I sport Givenchy, Prada, Gucci and Chanel number four 
it should be fairly easy to hide my blackness,
and prove that I'm superior,
I'll go out my way to marry rich and never be poor,
to hide my blackness, Harvard and Yale only,
Howard just wasn't prestigious enough,
Prestigious equals riches and surely predominately white university's will open more doors 
To hide my blackness I looked down on my, friends because everything in front of me I thought was the definition of galore
 I looked down on blackness because I knew there was so much more in store,
I'm the exception it's easy to hide my blackness with colored contacts of emerald and topaz contrast 
to hide my blackness suppose I straighten my hair  and make it a lighter contrast 
to disguise my blackness make sure to stay out of the sun's glare to hide my blackness talk proper and swing my hair,
to hide my blackness carve up my face,
to hide my blackness surely all of this will help me get better dates
 I thought I was the exception to hide my blackness,
I thought I'll teach all of you a lesson to hide my blackness when I made it I would forget all past struggles
 to hide my blackness I would mingle with a different type of brother 
to hide my blackness move away and onto a better life,
to hide my blackness one where I would never suffer strife,
to hide my blackness I would never have to date a black man and I don't have to work hard, just open my hands
once all these things came to pass, 
it dawned on me that hiding my blackness wasn't ever apart of God's plan, 
I foolishly squandered all my blackness trying to please man 

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