10 Ways To Know You're Slightly Ignorant

Hello again and Thanks for checking out my blog . This post is about 10 ways to know you're slightly ignorant,  yes ignorant ! I've compiled a list of ignorant things I've experienced and decided to share them to hopefully bring enlightenment to people about the way they treat each other . I'm sure this will ruffle some feathers ! If you can take the heat, feel free to stay in the kitchen ! 

10 ways to know you are slightly ignorant 

1) You find yourself making generalizations about different groups of people i.e. Muslims, blacks, whites, Jews 
- White women don't know how to cook . 
- All black women have big butts . 
- All Muslims are terrorists 
- All white women or Asian women are submissive . 
- All Latin women are hot blooded . 
- All black women are loud . 
- All black people are thugs . 
-All black people like fried chicken, and hot sauce 
- Asians can't drive 
- you assume all black people are good dancers or athletes 
- your pretty for a 

2) You often find yourself making racially or ethically themed jokes . 
- You so black that ...
- You so light skinned that ...
- Light skin is back in style/going out of style 
- Dark skin is back in style/going out of style
- Light bright this 
- Darkie that 
- Rag head 
- Monkeys 
- Crackers
- wetbacks 
- beaners 
- yellow face 

3) You carry yourself differently around certain groups of ethnic people's . 

  i.e. You clutch your purse or other material belongings if you see someone of a different ethnic background approaching you 

i.e. You lock your doors just because you see a black family leave a department store. 

i.e. You grab your purse from your unattended cart just because someone of a certain ethnicity walks past your cart when the reality of the situation is you shouldn't of had your purse unattended to begin with period 

Be cautious because you have common sense, not because of the color of someone's skin 

4) You often attend functions and don't communicate or see people of other ethnicities in attendance amongst you 

5) If a person is assaulted or killed by a police officer, you automatically assume they're a criminal. 

6) You have a problem with interracial marriages or relationship. 

7) You walk up to someone whom appears to identify with you ethnically and start speaking your native language with them assuming because they look similar to you they must speak the same tongue as you 

8) You approach someone whom looks similar to you and tell them a racist or stereotypical statement assuming because they look similar to you they will identify with it. 

9) You assume that all people from a certain ethic group like the same things.
i.e. Big booty hoes, fried chicken, kool-aid, sweet potatoes, neckbones, enchiladas, beer, Russian Women, foreign women, blondes, watermelon etc 

10) You see nothing wrong with dressing in blackface 

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