10 Reasons You Should Exercise

10 reasons you should exercise

Hello again ! New Years is literally just around the corner, why wait to start those resolutions !? I decided to make a quick video post about 10 reasons why you should workout ! I hope with all the benefits listed if you aren't working out currently that you at least try to start and if your already working out regularly, by all means keep up the great work ! I've listed all of the reasons below if a more high level overview is what you need, but if you want the more detailed video, please feel free to watch ! Don't forget to rate and subscribe if you like this video and also if you have other top tens or topics you'd like me to vlog about, as always please leave them in the description box .

1)  Exercise is great for your physique
2) It makes your skin glow 

3) Exercise  boosts endorphins, which enhances your mood 

4) It's a great way to meet new people 

5) Exercise clears your mind 

6) It detoxes your body

7) Exercise is great for your heart and cardiovascular system 

8) Exercise can help fight off different cancers and diseases by boosting your immunity

9) It can give you confidence 

10) Exercise helps purge stress, and excessive energy to help you sleep

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