Diversify your Life

I was actually thinking about this idea, just the other day and it truly dawned on me. For starters, I feel many people don’t even realize they are actually stuck in the rat race. What does being stuck in the rat race really mean? For me it’s very simple, are you living a purpose filled life? Think about this for a moment, what truly gives your life meaning and fulfillment. Is it church, volunteering, traveling, exercise, children? What is it that truly drives you in life, and gives you passion? I think it’s safe to say that it’s fairly easy for people to be able to vocalize what they absolutely LOVE doing. Now, keeping that in mind how many of you are actually living and fulfilling this very important aspect of your lives? I’d be almost willing to bet money, not many people!  That’s where the rat race comes into play. I know many of you have heard the saying

To make it even more crystal clear, let’s say you have this amazing apartment in the city, with amazing views, and in a decent section of town. You pay top dollar for this property month after month, year after year. Yea, you don’t have to cut the grass or anything like that, but this is truly paradise until you decide you’re ready to leave. When you pack up all of your stuff and get ready to leave, guess what? They might end up keeping your deposit because of miscellaneous expenses (carpet cleaning, stains, repaint the walls, etc ) Oh, and by the way all the money you spent renting has gone down the drain you’re not getting ANY return on what you’ve spent for all those years. Meanwhile, the apartment complex already has someone else lined up to move in as soon as you leave and pickup where you left off on payments. Let’s break these numbers down even further, usually when you occupy an apartment you pay utilities, (water, gas, electric, cable, rent and damages renters insurance). Some apartments don’t even supply appliances so you could end up paying for that too.Current market values say on average it cost $153.84 per square foot. Let’s say an apartment complex has 260 units with an average of 982 square feet each. The total cost of the apartment complex would be $39,278,428.80 respectively. Now let’s turn around and charge people on average $1300.00every month for 1 year equals $4,056,000.00. This means ultimately in a little over 10 years the investors who originally funded the apartment complex will have made back all the money they invested in the apartment complex and by the 11thyear they would start making a profit. In the event that anything should happen until that point the complex always has insurance, or renters insurance provided by residents, in addition to the freedom of raising rent or lowering rent as they please. 
I gave you that super long narrative to give you this! In all walks of life BUILD YOUR DREAM! Whether it’s baking cakes, painting, designing, public speaking, writing books, etc! BUILD YOUR DREAM! Figure out what it is YOU need to do to truly pursue your passions in life! Some people are so complacent in life, working the same boring job, missing out on the fruits of their labors. WHY!  This couldn’t ring more true, yet a lot of people still choose to downplay something as simple as how they live the rest of their lives. Wouldn’t it be so much more rewarding and fulfilling if you set your own goals? In a nutshell don’t you want your life to be on your terms, wouldn’t you like to spend more time doing the things you love to do? That’s where your ambition comes into the picture. What is it that you truly desire? There are so many of us that wake up every day and do the same monotonous hum drum things to pay the bills,…. I’m not saying quit your job, I’m saying diversify YOUR LIFE!
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