Equal Rights Aren't Equal

Technology has provided the world with a means to be connected with the things that are going on, that directly or indirectly affect us. With that being said, it’s amazing that police officers aren’t being held accountable for their actions that ultimately result in bodily injury and death. It’s a sad state of affairs when you can’t simply just mind your own business without being harassed by the police. It’s infuriating to know that once you’re in police custody you could lose your life and that NO ONE would be held accountable. I frequently read news stories across multiple networks to try and get a grasp of what’s going on around the globe that affects people. I can’t help but to take notice of how many unjust things affect African American’s. The worst part is that a lot of the time we are viewed as deserving to be treated the way in which we are treated. I see so often that many people take the stance that if Africa American’s are detained by police it must be because we are criminals, or doing something suspicious. It’s very strange to me that so many of us are undeserving of getting the benefit of doubt. There are a few situations in which people shouldn’t have been given the benefit of doubt and because of this double standard, lives were lost.

One of the most notorious serial killers Jeffrey Dahmer was on a spree luring men to his apartment, incapacitating them and then eating and storing various parts of their bodies. One of his captives 14 year old Konerak Sinthasomphone was able to escape from Dahmer into a nearby street . Two women saw the boy and reported he was bleeding from his rectum and nearly naked pleading for help . Dahmer realizing his latest victim had escaped found Konerak in the street with the three women and tried to explain that the boy was his gay lover and that they had been having a dispute . Two officers came on the scene and essentially told the three women whom were begging for the officers to intervene to mind their own business . Due to the two officers negligence not only did Konerak lose his life, but the window to catch Dahmer was missed again. If the officers had checked out the women's stories they would of found irrefutable evidence that Jeffrey Dahmer was a psychopathic killer . Even if they would have done something as simple as a background check they would of known that Dahmer was a convicted child molester on probation . Instead Dahmer was given the benefit of the doubt, and went on killing . 

Below you will find a video showing the final moments of Officer Tyler Stewarts life . The officer responded to a domestic disturbance call and ultimately ended up losing his life . 

I'm not sure if Officer Stewart's age and experience might have played a part in him ultimately losing his life, but you will notice in the beginning of the video he allowed the suspect to disappear back into his house and then return for conversation outside of the residence . I feel that at that moment the suspect could have picked up the gun he would later shoot Officer Stewart with . I don't think that if the suspect would have been black he would of received such lax treatment . I cannot tell you how many times I've been walking down the street, or in a grocery store and a Caucasian woman sees me and grabs her purse as if she thinks I'm going to steal it . 

 This next video is of Freddie Gray whom was stopped, detained and ultimately arrested for reasons that are unknown . He would later arrive in police custody with his spinal cord  80 % severed . After being admitted to the hospital, he died 1 week later . WHY ?!?! 

In the case of Freddie Gray, the officers have been placed paid leave, and the police department has no explanation has to what happened after he placed under arrest and arrived at the police station in police custody. I would challenge anyone to tell me … on a regular day driving from point A to point B why is it considered“NORMAL” that if a person arrives to POINT B with their spinal cord 80 % severed why that wouldn’t be questioned?  In addition if someone has handcuffs placed on them, why is it necessary to taze them ? Furthermore why were four officers needed to detain ONE person? I don’t think it’s unreasonable to think that two officers could have handled that task. Freddie Gray didn’t appear to be resisting or even fighting. The only thing I saw Freddie Gray really state is that “ He couldn’t walk” which I think wouldn’t be hard to believe seeing as he was literally just tazed.

Let's also not forget Erick Garner whom was basically executed in the street by police after saying repeatedly until he couldn't speak anymore " I can't breath " . The officers involved in his public execution weren't charged with anything. 

Who can forget Trayvon Martin who was stalked in his own neighborhood and ultimately gunned down by George Zimmerman after a dispatcher told him to not engage with Trayvon. 

No one has much to say about Rekia Boyd, whom was shot to death by a police officer in Chicago, Illinois in 2012. The police officer was OFF DUTY, in his vehicle shooting over his shoulder into a group of teens having some sort of confrontation in an alley way when he alleges he thought he saw a gun being held by Rekia Boyd which was actually a cell phone. The judge said that because the police officer wasn’t charged with a strong enough charge that the officer was found NOT GUILTY.  Dennis Porter stated

“The Act of intentionally firing a gun at some person or persons on the street is an act that is so dangerous it is beyond reckless; it is intentional and the crime if any there be, is first degree murder. “

So what you mean to tell me is because the charge wasn’t strong enough Dante Servin was found not guilty. How can firing into a crowd of teenagers appearing to have some sort of confrontation be ok? It’s not ok … Rekia Boyd’s life was cut short for what legitimate reason? It must also be noted that the gun that officer Dante Servin used was unregistered. I don’t see how that can be considered “OK”. Seems like the ultimate conclusion that the judicial system wants the citizens to believe is that officer’s are ABOVE the law and that the rules don’t apply to them.

So I’m trying to understand the disparity of Blacks and other ethnicities. Why are such harsh penalties often imposed on Blacks whereas police officers/ and other ethnicities literally get away with murder?  This isn’t an attack on color, but rather pointing out the obvious. How many men of African descent have been placed behind bars after being accused of crimes they didn’t commit, rape, robbery, etc. only to be released years later once DNA evidence acquits them of all charges? How many more Trayvon Martin’s will there be?  Whereas Jeffrey Dahmer was given the benefit of the doubt with an underage child and mounds of evidence on his person in his residence? I wonder when this nation will truly have equality. The point we are at right now, in my humble opinion we have barely hit the tip of the iceberg.

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