The Fortress of the Mind

Trying to articulate,
so please don't castrate,
while I infiltrate your mind,
Humbly writing from my deepest desires watching as my words intertwine,
 It's so simplistic,
letting my heart be artistic 
that I felt the need to share with you,
I'm just sitting here pondering 
letting my mind wander and,
thinking only of you 
many might ask WHO that is ?
SO INTRICATE you might miss it,
Some censor it 
consider it taboo,
Along came a spider
and sat down beside her 
because just eating curds
and whey was something
I never wanted to do,
Just watching the time machine 
I'm not wasting my time on 
who don't make it do
what it do ... 

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The Fortress of the Mind The Fortress of the Mind Reviewed by Jennifer Dior on 2:21:00 PM Rating: 5
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