Growth | Part 1

I think it's important to always take a trip down memory lane and remember where we come from. I remember not too long ago after I had just graduated college. I had a job working with a company doing data entry...the money was ok. It got the bills paid and not much else. I was ok with that at the time my aspirations were literally at the tip of my nose. The things I was to do with my life, the places I'd  want to go, and the person I wanted to be was nowhere near the magnitude of whom I am today. I think it would be safe to say that I wasn't as mature as I should of been. My focus was convoluted and twisted. I was thinking in terms of quick, and not necessity or for the long run. I got my first credit card and boy of boy did I have BLAST ! SWIPE< SWIPE< SWIPE it was FANTASTIC (at the time).

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