The Realization of the Dream

So a little less than a year ago (approximately 9 months ) I made the decision to really pursue a passion that I've always had .. Acting ! I think growing up with the combination of being told that acting wasn't being  realistic, or a real career combined with my own self doubts made me slightly apprehensive. Deciding to actually take that leap of faith and really try to pursue my passions was definitely one of the best decisions I think I've EVER made . In the past I settled for taking eye candy photos which really wasn't where my heart was . Actually becoming a character and telling a story in a convincing manner is much more of a challenging process than a pretty face . 

As far as acting is concerned there are times in acting where you feel downright uncomfortable, not because you don't enjoy what your doing as much as the character your portraying can literally mentally take you places you've never been . You could literally experience things that you've never experienced before . Acting pushes your mind and body to extremes that often times don't really hit you till you are in the moment . It's a beautiful thing !!! I'm always taking steps to further legitimize my craft and myself . I'm so happy to announce that I have an agent officially !  I think 2015 will have many more wonders and feats for me to behold and I'm looking forward to ALL of them !!!

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