Straight to the Point | Part 3

I would even go as far to say that if your scalp isn’t exhibiting any issues, ie. Excessive dandruff, sores, small bumps and you routinely wear wigs or tight braided styles this most certainly could be your issue.  I would even hypothesize that if you have excessive shedding with no other scalp damage or damage to the ends of your hair that the reason for excessive shedding of the hair must be something internal that is not in sync. Let’s go back to basic biology and think of ourselves in terms of being mammals. Let’s think about horses and dogs, in the winter they both get a heavier coat to help protect them from the cold and in the summertime they also shed some of their coat to allow for better ventilation in the warmer months. Wouldn't it also be safe to think that a human's hair acts as a protective functional cover. 

We too will grow more hair in the winter months and also shed hair in the summer months. Now back to wigs .. I think if your hair is covered year round it would throw off your body’s internal thermostat. You would actually end up shedding more hair than normal, because your body feels as if it already has covering. That’s just one theory I have on excessive hair loss. My other theory isn't really my theory at all but something that is actually scientifically proven. Simply put, anemia or iron deficiency. 

Women are predisposed to this deficiency especially in their child bearing years, why might you ask ?? Because of our menstrual cycles ! Iron's method of transport is the blood stream and every month on average we lose about 1/4 a cup of blood; women with a heavier flow could lose even more. This alone could make it quite easy for a woman to become iron deficient and even anemic. Woman whom are frequently dieting, have a low intake of vitamin C and a low intake of iron can all contribute to iron deficiency.   

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