Straight to the Point | Part 2

In my own humble opinion I've noticed that while many chose to wear their hair constantly braided and underneath a wig over time their hair HAS gotten longer BUT it isn't as thick as it used be. Many times when they take their hair down they will notice an excessive amount of shedding (balls of hair) and attribute that to not combing their hair. They think that due to their hair not being manipulated as often as it would if it weren’t braided the hair that is shed all at once when they take down their braids is normal. They think this is built up hair that they would of lost otherwise. 

I disagree with this type of thinking, I think that the amount of tension that braiding the hair underneath wigs, in combination with the various method used to attach wigs i.e. Metal combs, thread, etc causes too much tension and because of this tension the hair eventually pulls out completely from the scalp .

If you assess your hair from its roots to its tips I think that will be the true indication of your hair's overall health especially in terms of the diameter of your hair in relation to the amount of shedding you have.   Simply put .. if the ends of your hair are significantly thinner than the roots of your hair, yet strand by strand your hair appears to be solid with no split ends excessive shedding may literally be the root of the problem . When hair has been traumatized from let’s say excessive dryness, chemical treatment, or excessive heat the evidence is apparent in the strands themselves. The strands lose their elasticity, ends split, and the hair is brittle with no movement.  In short what I’m saying is if your hair loss were due to normal shedding I find it incredibly hard to believe that the hair would be thicker at the root and much thinner at the ends. Thickness at the root and thinness at the ends indicates to me not that the hair isn’t growing but that something is happening during the growth cycle to disturb length either in the form of excessive shedding or breakage.

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