Straight To The Point | Part 1

So let's face it. For many woman especially woman of African descent, hair is a pretty big, and at times touchy topic. Many of us with more kinky textured hair can relate to sitting in between our mothers or grandmothers legs, getting tangles and knots pulled out of hair after a fresh washing. I myself remember being so incredibly tender headed just from the process of getting my own hair detangled after washing I couldn't even imagine having to endure getting my hair hotcombed on top of all that. Hot combs were usually reserved for special occasions and were almost never done the same day as a washing.

 It was simply too much to bare. Growing up and opting for something less troublesome many of us have gotten relaxers in our hair only to notice that over time, this method of straightening our hair and processing has left many of us with scabs on our scalps due to chemical burns, a burning  sensation from the chemicals themselves being on our scalp, weaker hair that eventually is riddled with breakage, split ends, etc.  ! Many woman including myself have decided that being as close to natural as possible is  best . However with all that being said many woman opt to wear wigs, lace-fronts, and sew-ins while their hair underneath remains braided and thus in its natural state. Through braiding many woman have achieved longer hair but not without flaw.

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