Reality Woes

I'm not sure if it's the overall discontent of people in general, but seems like people are hanging on to more of the negative instead of the positive things in life. It's almost like a domino effect from the news media promoting and focusing on the most negative stories to an over saturation of Reality TV. It's a little unnerving to me the popularity of these reality shows, especially when I see older adults indulging in the nonsense. Whatever happened to having pride in yourself and your family name and standing for something?   In my opinion I don't feel they necessarily show the reality of people lives as much as they show the negative effects of fame and money. It's a trend to be as ridiculous and as outrageous as possible to increase ratings and make more money. It's sickening that young people and old alike watch these types of shows and become completely brain washed by them thinking that success and prosperity awaits you if you choose to portray yourself as being promiscuous, publically uninhibited, loud, obscure and obscene.   What's worse is the convoluting of the human psyche to ideals of what beauty and intelligence should be. Effectively making people completely lose who they are as a whole. The original fabric that we are all designed by is lost in a pseudo plastic existence.

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