Growth | Part 2

Well it wasn't too long after I was working with the company that things took a crazy turn. We actually ended up losing MAJOR contracts with some pretty big clients which in turn caused a downward spiral. Similar to many other companies struggling to cut costs and save money our heads were now on the chopping block. A whole division of employees ended up getting laid off including quite a few managers. Although my department didn't have layoffs quite a few people started getting terminated for petty reasons and they cut EVERYBODY'S hours. I admit I was one of those people whom allowed themselves to be comfortable in life and stagnant. At that point in my life even though I could do better than the job I was working at, I got comfortable. I didn't take the necessary steps to really take charge of my life. I had no contingency plans in the event that the status quo didn't work out. Here I was at an impasse of my life ... the state of affairs was that my hours had been cut so much that I couldn't afford to pay my rent. That was a huge pill to swallow. I've always been the type of person whom if I struggled I wouldn't ask for help from anyone. I would keep my struggle between God and I. When my mother would ask me how things were going at my job, I would just say "Great" and play along like I wasn't struggling.    

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