Cruel and Strange Torture

Today was one of those moments in life when you have a complete awakening to ideology and societal pressures. To make a long story short a coworker of mine, asked me to slip on a waist trainer. Waist trainers are supposed to be the modern version of the corset. I did want to see how this contraption worked so I tried it on. I even worked out in it .. but honestly ... it was probably one of the worse experiences I've ever had working out ! I LOVE working out, I look forward to going to the gym and getting in a good one, not just because of the way it makes my body look, but also because of the way I FEEL. Exercise is so good for you, there are a ton of benefits !! Exercise releases endorphins into your blood stream which automatically make you feel hella good ! But this "waist trainer" was truly horrendous ...I couldn't breath at full capacity and it felt like it was squeezing my internal organs just entirely too tight. I felt like I didn't have full range of motion it was a nightmare ! With all the metal crap and latex and what not, I see how it squeezes you together and holds everything a certain type of way, but at the end of the day ... I definitely didn't look natural .. in my opinion I felt I looked abnormal !!!! (pic posted on my instagram if you want to see it on ) My waist looked so much smaller and not at all proportioned to my hips. I decided to do a little bit more research about these so called waist trainers and right off the bat ... I knew they were no bueno ... For 1 waist trainers don't actually provide permanent results. You have to continue wearing that awful contraption to maintain the results you have achieved. Some women sleep wearing waist trainers. I can't imagine having something on so uncomfortable during the time of the day when I'm supposed to be able to relax, seems so unreasonable. I definitely couldn't deal with wearing that shit and working out ! It's not because I'm a punk either, I can literally do the stair master on a high setting for 40 mins straight with no issues . During my research I also found that those waist trainers can cause damage to a woman's reproductive organs ... How crazy is that ?!?!?!?! I'm not going to knowingly do ANYTHING to jeopardize my reproductive health ?? I don't care how GOOD it makes my body look. I'm thinking this might be the ultimate form of VANITY. Your going to torture yourself everyday to make your body look more appealing and then when you do find a "mate" due to how much more attractive you look (sarcasm ) you have a particularly difficult time when trying to get conceive or while you are pregnant it ends up being a high risk pregnancy because you just had to have a certain type of body.. Ridiculous !!! So in short .... I'm over it .. I was already over them .. cause I thought they were a gimmick from jump street, but after actually wearing one.. I'm most definitely OVER IT ! ... Honestly with diet and exercise you can achieve the exact same results if you stick to it.. honest to God truth. Like I always say, there aren't any short cuts to fitness. If you want to achieve a certain type of physique, you have to be disciplined and work hard. PERIOD ! WELP ! That's it for now ... I hope someone took something from this .. cause I sure did.

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