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My perspective isn't like most,

Its shock absorbed muted

Almost a ghost

Obliterated into this perpetual bliss

This perceptual kiss

This impulsive explosive midst

With covert intentions

Almost transferred into darker dimensions

I visualize all these places and walked

Adjacent to all of it 

So I closed my eyes and I opened

My heart and I watched as time flew by.

This is where two worlds collide

I travel in my mental time machine

 To perceptual bliss

 I reminisce of my childhood

And my lost innocence

How odd for one to make time stop

And return to the unknown

When I wake up I watch the sun rise

And give way to the

Brightest star in the sky

 Then time goes by and

 The seasons change and

 Perpetual bliss compliments

My frame

So the rain touches me

And I succumb to its passiveness

Because my nature is such

That I can give so much

Rather than fight

Just give in

And tell it to stop

Why would I ?


It drips down my face

A familiar sense but of different temperament

Its cries cold on me

Not like my warm tears

Unlike my soul which

Radiates electric waves of heat,

Burning fire of desire 

So my tears become a shower

Of emotion filled joy and ecstasy

Leaving my body and when my tears come,

They come over and over

All over me

Until there is nothing left

Like built up tension

And rubber bands breaking

I feel the need to not let them

Overcome me, these emotions

It took just a day to realize they complete

Like this unplanned symphony

Or an unplanned pregnancy

With beautiful instruments orchestrated

And no musician with fine skills to play

 It's almost like a play

With rehearsed delay

And no punch line

Don't be emotional and don't open up

Because if you do you will lose your spot

Your place in the imaginary foot race

Stay inside your internal locker

I thought I delayed it for a day

Prolonged it for the thrill of it...

Thinking about grinning and bearing it

Just taking it

Made it

Wait till he couldn't

Take anymore

When I knew I waited

Cause I wanted the thrill..

The chill

The feel…the feel  

The key came and he tried to open the lock

Failure is what he spoke

Cause a plan isn't what he brought

A key cannot be inserted without a lock

I'm not broken nor am I missing any piece

I recollect how my secret was unleashed

The combination was activated,provoked,

With the up most r-e-s-p-e-c-t

I learned and I conquered

Then I sat back

And sparkled at the diamonds he left inside of me

- Meticulous 

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