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Asian foods have such a rich contrast of taste, texture and art. Not a detail is missed with exquisite color and superb presentation. Without further delay I present this weekends selections .

Featuring Noosoo 
Sushi - Hibaschi - Saki

Savory Beginnings 

 Miso Soup 
Who would think a soup so simple would taste so good . Noodles, mushrooms, chives and broth make this soup come alive. 


I bet you haven't had calamari like this before. Lightly battered and full of flavor with a delicious sweet dipping sauce. 

Salad with House Sauce 

Salad with a kick ! Fresh red cabbage lettuce, carrots, with a spicy nutty flavored house sauce. 

Tuna and salmon Roll

Raw Tuna and Salmon wrapped in rice and seaweed with a touch of cream cheese perhaps ... Absolutely DELICIOUS . 

Teriyaki Chicken 
Full flavored chicken, shrimp with vegetables . Paired with  chicken fried rice infused with vegetable and seasonings.

Chicken Katsu

Breaded Chicken with Japanese style cole slaw.Light and delicious . I opted to dip some of chicken in a sauce that came with the Teriyaki Chicken and it was spectacular ! 

As far as the service was concerned it was top notch, the staff were very friendly and accommodating. There was no hesitation to ensure that our every need was taken care of. 

The restaurant itself was quiet and romantic. When you first walk in you are surrounded by beautiful bamboo sticks reminiscent of their native land. The restaurant is elegantly lite with drops of yellow and vibrant red. The seats are very cushy with a splash of orange and tan. The tables are beautiful cherry wood. The far right side of the restaurant has the Hibaschi grills nested away for entertaining, with more private seating towards the middle composed of mainly tables and booths. On the other side of the restaurant is a full service bar complete with flat screen televisions. There is also seating in the front where you can watch your sushi being made. 

In comparison to other restaurants, Nosoo is a jewel. The value is decent and I would frequent this restaurant again. 

That's it for now ! I hope you enjoy this blog as much as I enjoyed creating it  ! 

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